Recruitment Screening

iTEST is the ideal tool for assessing applicants as part of the interview process.

iTEST provides a reliable evaluation of required knowledge for different job functions. The assessment measures against both mandatory and company performance standards, objectively and uniformly.

The output is immediate, in an easy to interpret format, making the screening process efficient and accurate.

Measuring Learning Outcomes

Measuring the transfer of knowledge after undergoing training is an essential process that identifies any gaps between learning outcomes and objectives.

iTEST has all the functions to carry out this process quickly and efficiently with complete objectivity.

Performance Monitoring

Measuring workforce performance is an essential business process for demonstrating regulatory compliance, and for managing competence.

iTEST facilitates this in a convenient and cost effective manner.

iTEST is accessible anywhere, anytime to support workplace assessors in carrying out performance monitoring, recording results, and analysing gaps.