Test Facility

Simple, user-friendly interface

High quality graphics

Questions randomly selected from the databank

Multiple choice answers are shuffled within each question

Unrecorded “Practice Test” for familiarisation of the test facility

Administrative Functions

Automatic generation of test record for each candidate.

Analysis of test results identifies critical knowledge gaps in clear graphical format.

Facility to record remedial training for each candidate.

Facility to modify number of questions and time allowed for each test.

Facility to edit / add ranks and job functions.

Facility for the Assessors to validate test results.

Question Generator Wizard

An easy-to-use application which allows a company to develop its own questions, with the ability to insert pictures and animations.

Question Modules can be shared between locations.

Media Library Plug-in – allows access to all graphics in the question database that can be used in developing own questions.

Test Manager

This allows the administrator to compile and manage any number of tests using questions from the databank.

Data Analyser

Provides comprehensive analysis of question modules and test results at both the individual and organisational level.

Every question in the databank can be analysed to determine, on a percentage basis, which answer options have been selected. This provides data which highlight what candidates have learned and their training needs.

All test results can be analysed and reports generated to provide comparative summaries and trends: by Position; by Subject and Level; by Customised Test; by Assessment Result; and by Exam Date.